Senior Leaders Wisdom Retreat

[O]ur lives are like soap operas. We can go for months and not tune into them, then six months later we look in and the same stuff is going on- Jane Wagner

What ever your idea of Wisdom or a retreat are, prepare to have these enhanced!
Take Time, Make Time, Enjoy Time

The nuts and bolts look something like this:

If you know you could do with a powerful, deep, and honest  review of where you are and what you are doing, OR to gain the next big insight to leave a legacy to be proud of, And if you already have well developed emotional intelligence and strategy skills. The Retreat is designed to achieve the following outcomes for you:
  • Understand what wise leadership is (more than just knowing stuff or having seen it all)
  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence into wisdom
  • Appreciate the strengths in making use of wisdom in all areas of leadership
  • Gain leadership insights from interacting with other wise leaders
  • Develop appreciative inquiry techniques (Your role will become even more pleasurable)
  • Have others in comparable, non-competing positions challenge you on your issues and opportunities
  • Develop an issue or opportunity to present back to your board or executive team
  • Build an all-of-life resilience plan

Good so far?

O.K so who else is likely to be involved?

Guests are drawn from a range of areas including business, science, the arts and academia.

And what might it look like?

Individual leadership coaching will be available during the retreat, as well as specialised sessions on topics including resilience, ethics and working with your board and executive team. Using appreciative inquiry techniques, you will work on an issue or opportunity from your organisation with the other leaders, developing insights to take back to work. And we don't mean quick fixes or short term issues that lead to yet more issues of greater complexity...

Essentially: The Wisdom Retreat for Senior Leaders is a limited-place 4-day residential leadership programme. Restricted to CEOs and those in comparable positions of responsibility, you will be in good company to renew your leadership commitment and return home invigorated. 

If all you did was return home invigorated that would be worth every second and cent twice over but you truly will wonder why it took so long and why you didn't have this opportunity earlier -well you have the opportunity now -take it -you just can't regret it!

I like what Dawn Francis offers on reflection:

Dawn Franxis Ed.D

Value Driver 1: Reflection challenges limiting assumptions
All of us hold beliefs and assumptions based upon our previous life experiences and our socially-constructed norms. Critical self-reflection empowers us to challenge those assumptions. By asking the following questions…What is it that I assume? What’s the origin of that assumption? Why do I hold that assumption as truth?…we have the potential to identify our constraining beliefs, entertain alternatives, and shift our perspective. This shift in perspective followed by a resulting change in behavior is indicative of transformation. (See writings on critical reflection by Dr. Stephen D. Brookfield.) Think of the potential value in asking leaders to reflect critically on their current leadership practices. By doing so, we can prime them to grow and change.

Value Driver 2: Reflection aids in the integration of multiple perceptions
Many leadership development and coaching initiatives incorporate stakeholder feedback for the leader on his or her performance. Reflection on stakeholder assessment data is vitally important to leaders’ personal and professional development. When leaders take the time to understand the perceptions others have of their actions, why they have them, and how they empower or constrain them, they can develop significantly from the experience. Reflection is essential to integrating these multiple perspectives with one’s own. Without reflection, any leader would be hard pressed to develop an effective action plan to close gaps and capitalize on successes.

To find out more, book your place OR to chat to a great guy with real credentials, contact Stephen on:   + 64 21 1962500 or by email to discuss whether the Retreat might suit you.  It could be the next wise decision you make.
(If you're not a CEO yet, you might like to consider our Authentic Leadership Course for mid to senior level leaders)

How do I apply?

Complete our on-line application form and we'll take it from there.

Enjoy your leading and continue to develop your wisdom.

PS. Yes you may very well see me there as part of the facilitation team, I look forward to it.

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